See youth participatory budgeting in action at Lincoln High School in Tacoma. Staff recently engaged students in an authentic voting process to determine how to spend $60,000 to improve the high school.


Centers for Excellence has helped multiple organizations achieve improvements like these:

  • Provided 1,500 youth with direct voting and spending for 2018.
  • Trained 50+ organizations in equity.
  • Led eight Participatory Planning and Budgeting processes where community directly decided how to spend more than $250,000.
  • Reduced by 50% the number of days for repayment turnaround for on-site septic work.
  • Increased by 45% income from food handler permitting after streamlining process.
  • Reduced by 47% the rate of error related to unnecessary doses of vaccine administered.
  • Reduced by 30 minutes vaccine field visits resulting in a savings of 17 work hours and $1,100 per year.
  • Reduced by 48% the number of steps for archiving vital records resulting in a 20% increase in employee satisfaction.
  • Saved $7,000 per year for WIC clinic and increased client satisfaction through development of client education room.



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